Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Birthday 11-11-11 (^0^)


Today is wednesday..
So today is english dayyy..yayy :P
My birthday is on 11-11-11..such a beutiful number (*0^)
a lot of present i got this year..:)..Alhamdulillah
I really like this super CUTEEE Hello Kitty Lamp
Abg Mus gave this Lamp..so cute right?:)

Hiding behind HK **Hello Kitty**

This HK will be a legend someday..P

HK & I wear the same colour..:)
We love pinkkkk
alolololololololo (*0*)

Love Lamp
Love Abg Mus :P

My Magic Lamp

Black + Pink Purse (^0^)
also from Abg Mus

Polca Dot Makeup bag..:P
gave from Najwa or u can her **Rot**
she such a good + unique phtotographer :)

Also Celebrate My Birthday at office :)
chocolate indulgence **the best cake from secret recipe **

Can't wait to eat this moist+creamy+delicious cake
with jah & kak siti :)

With my sporting account manager :)

1 & 2 from the right are my big boss
Hope I can get bonus this year..:P

4 present for me, Kak Aida, Kak Izzati & Fazly (practical student)

Got so excited (^0^) **peace**

My present :)
I got Scarlet pant, tized cardigan & satin shawl :)

this picture using axus lifeframe
u have 3 second to make 3 style..:P

with my magic lamp :)

with super cuteeeee HK :)

Thanks for reading my entry (^0^)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mekap Akad nikah (^0^)

Salam Semua (^0^)

Ni keysha nak tunjuk gambar time akad nikah
bukan akad nikah btl2 pn..olok2 je..:P
my sis *ekin or leh pggl kakde*  as a make up artist
mekap ar muke keysha dr pucat gle jd berseri2 :)

Muke Sebelum
mmg pucat gle :P

Muke selepas
keysha siap request nk mekap yg ala2 sweet gitu :)
inilah hasilnya..:)

veil & baju yg bermanik2 ni my sis jahit sendiri tau (*0*)

Posing Time ni Bajet Minah arab ar konon :P

I Love You..You Love Me 
we are happy family..
 **lgu barney yg besh ** (^0^)

Ni muke zoom dekat..
Solekan yg sweet like sweet :)
nnti keysha kawin pn mmg suruh my sis mekapkan

Spe2x nak booked mekap leh lah contact no ni k
Ekin-019-390 6383 (^0^)

Thanks For Reading (*0^)